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  • Concrete Mix

    Concrete Mix - 20kgThe easiest way to mix concrete is with Concrete Mix - just mix with water. It's ideal for footings, foundations, edgings and any structural application.

  • Builders Cement

    Builders Cement - 20kgGeneral Purpose Builders Cement contains 25 per cent fly ash and can also be used in most concrete, mortars and grouts.

  • Sand and Cement

    Sand & Cement - 5kg & 20kgPre-blended mix is ideal for setting shower and toilet bases and for general patching and repair jobs. Mix with water and it's ready to go.

  • Rapid Set Concrete

    Rapid Set - 20kgFastest way to concrete non-structural applications such as fence posts or letterboxes is with Rapid Set Concrete. Just add water - no mixing required.

  • Off White Cement

    Off White Cement - 20kgSpecially produced for highly visible decorative applications. Can be blended with liquid and powdered pigments to achieve a variety of designer colours.

  • Hydrated Lime

    Hydrated Lime - 20kgHydrated Lime can be used in mortars for bricklaying and rendering to improve workability and durability. Also good for improving acid soils.

  • Bycol - Liquid Ball Bearings

    Bycol Bycol Clear is air entraining admixture, used to improve the workability of brickwork mortars and concrete mixes.

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